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  1. Saint Matt

    Mil spec engine harnesses

    Your work looked great on Coomer's FN2 mate :nice:
  2. Saint Matt

    BIG K swap/race car list - New parts

    Thanks, all messages replied to. The following parts are sold; Gearbox Pro shifter Idle air assist delete Muteki nuts
  3. Saint Matt

    BIG K swap/race car list - New parts

    Hi guys, sadly we're abandoning our K20 DC2 race car project due to the M3 Cup cars taking up too much of our time. All parts are brand new and unfitted unless stated. Here they are with the links to Tegiwa's website where they are listed. Prices exclude delivery# Pics ENGINE SWAP PARTS...
  4. Saint Matt

    ITR or EK9 original wheels

    @robthedoc has a set of UK ITR 15s I think
  5. Saint Matt

    Mfactory Europe

    Hi mate, Tegiwa and Mfactory Europe are the same. what email address did you send to? Could you forward it to [email protected]? No emails should be getting ignored Thanks
  6. Saint Matt

    GTM Libra (Honda Engined)

    Nice work mate, good to see it going.
  7. Saint Matt

    Black Recaros

    Hi mate, I'll take some photos tomorrow for you. From memory the fabric/supports are mint but they need at least one plastic hinge cover.
  8. Saint Matt

    power steering pump

    I have a known good power steering pump mate, £30 delivered. Paypal is [email protected] Thanks
  9. Saint Matt

    EK9 shift linkages

    I have a set mate, £25 delivered Paypal is [email protected]
  10. Saint Matt

    Type R Cylinder head

    Make me an offer mate, as I say it could to with being out of the way :)
  11. Saint Matt

    Type R Cylinder head

    £140 delivered, could do with this out of the way
  12. Saint Matt

    B18C6 engine breaking for spares

    First post updated Thanks
  13. Saint Matt

    Type R Cylinder head

    £160 delivered
  14. Saint Matt

    Full width radiator and catch can

    Hi mate, I have a triple core full width rad with 12" slim fan. Yours for £50 plus post or collect from Derby. Thanks
  15. Saint Matt

    Type R Cylinder head

    Bare cylinder head from a DC2 Type R (B18C6). Engine ran fine, the block was sold so this is up for sale. Removed & stored with care so no marks at all on the head face. Includes all cam caps and bolts/oil rails etc. No cams or valvetrain included £180 delivered ono Pics; Thanks, Matt
  16. Saint Matt

    B18C6 engine breaking for spares

    Hi guys, thanks for the PMs and interest.? Ideally if someone wants to take the bottom end complete you can have it for £400. That is everything from the deck down to the sump, nothing missing. Thanks
  17. Saint Matt

    B18C6 engine breaking for spares

    Hi guys, I am splitting this engine for parts due to some cosmetic damage on the front of the block. It looks as though one of the previous owners overtightened one of the gearbox bolts. All items are in good working order, the car did not smoke (I always check this thoroughly when buying any...
  18. Saint Matt

    White 98 EK9 Type R breaking

    First post updated, Thanks
  19. Saint Matt

    oem dc5 gear knob

    There is a guy selling a brand new one on the DC5 forum
  20. Saint Matt

    Spoon Springs and Dampers