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    Ek9 rolling Shell

    Hi All I'm looking for home for my Integra b18c6 engine and gearbox, the most ideal situation would be full car minus the engine and gearbox so I can just drop the setup in and drive! If anyone's looking to part with their project or looking to break let me know! Needs to have full interior...
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    Hardrace -Integra Subframe on an EK

    Hello All Just some quick questions regarding running the DC2 rack and subframe on the EK. Which bits do I need of the teg and which bits can I reuse on the EK. I've searched and now confused!!! I am hoping someone who is running this on there car can shed some light! Will the following parts...
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    Kswap Turbo Kit + Engine

    Hello All Looking to get some info and people's experiences with turbo kits on a kswapped car.(Mine will be an Ek Chassis) I will be looking to purchase either parts individually or as a full kit. Looking to run this on a stock block for now and may up the boost once I have something built...
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    K Swap Ek parts list Help

    Hello All Just need some advice on putting together a kswap part list for my 1997 Civic EK. Once the engine is running i will be looking into options for forced induction. Supercharged/turbocharged. Kswap part list for hybrid racing below Hybrid Racing · PLM 4-2-1 K-Swap 18g Race...
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    Prefacelift ek9 bumper , facelift rear bumper

    Hello All Am after Prefacelift ek9 bumper , facelift rear bumper. Looking for the bumpers without the bumper strips. Cheers!
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    B18 is out, Maintenance Advice

    Hello All I am after some general maintenence tips/advice for my engine and gearbox. They are both out the car so am thinking whatever I do it's worth doing them now. Both have covered less than 60k miles Things I have on my list Cambelt, waterpump, thermostat, rocker cover gasket, all...
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    K swapped ek9

    Hello All Just wondering if anyone is thinking of parting with their k swapped ek9 Kind regards Qasim
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    Suspension Setup EK Civic

    Hello Everyone I need some advice on my suspension setup. My car is a civic Ek3 hatch with a b series swap(will be boosted or k20 not decided yet ). Will be looking to re-shell this if an ek9 shell comes up for sale. In the meantime am looking to make a start on the car as I would like to...
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    Honda ek9 shell

    Hello guys I Might be on the hunt for Honda ek9 shell. Currently waiting for a quote on sorting the rust and body work on my b swapped ek, but thinking it may not be worth plouging money into it anymore! I would like all body panels and interior if possible Let me know what you have...
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    ITR subframe and Rack on an ek3 B series

    Hello People I was wondering if the itr subframe and rack with fit on an ek3 chassis running a b series engine with ek hasport mounts. What modifications and bits will I need from an itr to successfully run this. If anyone has done the swap please let me know! Cheers!
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    B18c6 Vtec Issue Prefacelift EK

    HI All I don't know where to start. previously had an EK with a b18c4 engine, you will know from previous threads it gave me a lot of issues, had a few problems etc (main issue it would not VTEC). So anyway I decided to start fresh. I got my self a b18c6 low mileage swap. And a fresh...