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  1. BarryM_EK9

    April Fools day - needs to be stopped!

    Hahaha well played RVM
  2. BarryM_EK9

    HypedKidz 9'er - Complete Custom Wheels (CCW Classic)

    A year is to long to wait can you not just give a clue of what they are? even what brand?? Thanks man I really loved the sw388's but didn't want to leave them on forever, Im definitely getting 16s as well and its going to be a bit stanced but no mad camber so they wont be too wide
  3. BarryM_EK9

    my new RX :)

    This man has almost bought my whole car! Engine, gearbox, mugen airbox, spoon wheels, innovative engine mounts and toda manifold I actually hate you :D Taking all my good parts you creep haha but a k20 and a nice new set of wheels will make me all happy again :)
  4. BarryM_EK9

    HypedKidz 9'er - Complete Custom Wheels (CCW Classic)

    When will you have more pics up of the side I really cant wait to see these wheels :)
  5. BarryM_EK9

    my new RX :)

    Aaaahhhhhhhhh what are you doing with my wheels I never said you could have them lol I miss them but I'll get a very nice set of rims to replace them. Coming together nicely though man I cant wait to see it when its finished!
  6. BarryM_EK9

    HypedKidz 9'er - Complete Custom Wheels (CCW Classic)

    Love this car and dying to see the new rims! But I don't like how wide they look so far, I love dished rims but not when you have to use to much camber but that's just me, its not my car. The se37 are an epic wheel but no point keeping them on the car forever, I just sold my spoon sw388's even...
  7. BarryM_EK9

    Yellow EK9 - V*** BAN - M25

    I wouldn't be letting everyone know where your car do be parked mate, lots of thieves around..
  8. BarryM_EK9

    Fcuk your honda civic

    @Johnobrien, do u not have a sense of humour, i thought everyone in ireland liked the rubberbandits.. All they do is take the piss out of everything, they have some hilarious pranks on youtube, and a few other stupid songs but there funny and that's what there meant to be, there not trying to...
  9. BarryM_EK9

    mishimoto rad

    I have a mishimoto rad for sale and mishimoto hoses. Pm if interested
  10. BarryM_EK9

    great condition Black enkeis rpf1

    Epic wheels! One of favourite wheels ever, who ever buys these is a lucky mofo
  11. BarryM_EK9

    Well man do you have to get a kswap rad for a kswap or can you keep your old rad?

    Well man do you have to get a kswap rad for a kswap or can you keep your old rad?
  12. BarryM_EK9

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED [EK9 replica project]

    Very nice work man!
  13. BarryM_EK9

    K Swap - The Costs

    @ crazy eyes, what way do that work? I thought that you need kswap shafts?
  14. BarryM_EK9

    my pw ek9 60 mph roll

    I miss that engine :( I sold the engine and box because im going k20 instead :) I wont be able to drive the car now for a good while but when I get it back on the road it will be a sick machine Here's a video of my car with that engine ages ago when I just had a 98 spec manifold and 5zigen...
  15. BarryM_EK9

    2002 NighthawkBlack Dc5r

    That's one clean looking dc5! There sexy in black, i was thinking of getting one before in black and have it on some nice dished miesters be very tasty!
  16. BarryM_EK9


    ^^you can say that again..and I always though our roads were bad haha
  17. BarryM_EK9

    newbe from ireland dc2

    Welcome along blacky
  18. BarryM_EK9

    never seen this one before

    Very good video! Ek9 wins :)
  19. BarryM_EK9

    picture of the day.

    Here's 3 of mine, its too hard to chose one ha
  20. BarryM_EK9

    Few new pics!

    Oh holy f**k I like the sound of that, it must be the block that wazer had for sale? You should really take out the headlights and split them to do a type r look with them by spraying them, it would make a massive difference to the look of the car and remove the rear wiper they look crap...