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  1. Kipper

    Tegiwa Exhaust manifold - 2.5" B16/B18

    Item for sale: Tegiwa B series manifold Reputation: Price: £280.00 (Can post) Paypal: Yes or Bank transfer Location: Newcastle Condition: Used, very good condition Description: Tegiwa B16B/B18C (B-series) exhaust manifold with 2.5” collector...
  2. Kipper

    ADVAN A048 190/580/15 (195-50-15)

    Item for sale: Yokohama Advan A048 Reputation: Price: £280 Paypal: Yes, or cash on collection. Could discuss postage Location: Newcastle upon Tyne Condition: Used Description: Manufacturer date - Mid 2021 Used for the...
  3. Kipper

    B-series (M-Factory S80, HA P28 ECU B18C, J's intake etc, Radiator...)

    Alright folks, beginning to list stuff B-series stuff here from the Racecar. FS thread is a WIP for the moment. All stuff is located in Newcastle, willing to post everything at buyers cost, although would prefer collection on box. Item for sale: '96 S80 Gearbox Reputation...
  4. Kipper

    Fuel Swirl Pot/Surge Tank (In tank pump) w/walbro

    Item for sale: Fluid Dynamics swirl pot Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: £220.00 delivered w/genuine walbro & AN-6 Lines Paypal: Yes or Bank transfer Location: Newcastle/Gateshead Condition: New (Ran car for 2mins) Description: Bought this for my racecar and done a...
  5. Kipper

    Pillow ball/spherical rear camber arms

    Does anyone have anything before I look at buying new? Cheers Kris
  6. Kipper

    Intermittent won't start/turnover after race - Any ideas appreciated!

    Bit of an odd one this on my B18C Racecar. Always start's perfectly when moving it around the shed and what not, never skips a beat, but after a race I switch the car off and it won't even turn over. The fuel pump primes but doesn't sound quite normal but the starter won't even try by the...
  7. Kipper

    Pair of 5x114.3 15x6.5/7

    Hello all, After a pair of wheels made in Japan ideally, something nice. What’s out there? Cheers Kris
  8. Kipper

    Still in a Honda - Civic EG Racer

    Hello all, This is just an update with what I am up to in the world of Honda since I don't bother much with social media and what not. I have created a few build threads in here over the years and got the itch for racing, well I always had but never pursued it. '94 B18C EG (It's basically a DC2...
  9. Kipper

    Built Gearbox / Gearsets / LSD’s (non-OEM)

    Gents, looking for some gearbox upgrades, anyone have anything that they would sell? M-factory gear seats, plated diffs, full boxes even? Cheers Kris
  10. Kipper

    Genuine Honda EK9/DC2 Driveshafts & New OEM Honda clutch

    All, after the above if anyone has anything! Low mileage OEM Honda shafts in good condition is the ideal. Cheers Kris
  11. Kipper

    P73-003 JDM '96 Spec ECU

    All, Anyone have one of these they would sell before I take the plunge on eBay? Could be tempted with an aftermarket one at the right price too. Cheers Kris
  12. Kipper

    Mugen JDM DC2 Front bumper

    Item for sale: Mugen DC2 Bumper JDM Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: £250.00 Paypal: Yes Location: Northern Ireland Condition: Used, See description below Description: Genuine Mugen DC2 front bumper which I had planned to fit on my Mugen equipped 98 spec but sold the...
  13. Kipper

    Updated version of recommended tuners for Crome?

    All, I guess times are changing and all mapping posts are usually related to K20's, I've had a couple of those but come back to a B18C car I am building for racing. I have a B18C, Manifold & Intake, P28 on crome (P28 came with car and figured I might as well use it). I want the car mapped with...
  14. Kipper

    15” 5x114.3 at least 7J

    Anyone have a set or pair of wheels for sale? For a race car, so don’t have to be mint as such. Ideally after something made in Japan. Cheers Kris
  15. Kipper

    K20A/A2 Timing Chain Kit OEM Honda

    Item for sale: EP3/DC5 Timing chain kit Reputation: Price: £220.00 + Postage & Paypal fee's if required Paypal: Yes Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne Condition: Brand new in bags Description: Bought this from Cox Motorparts for my previous first...
  16. Kipper

    2002 JDM EP3 - Gathering interest

    Item for sale: 2002 JDM EP3 Reputation: Price: Message for guide Paypal: Cash on collection Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne Condition: 129k km's c. 79k miles, 2017 Grade 4B import, Mechanically fantastic and well cared for. Description: Mugen...
  17. Kipper

    @carguydiaries Member on here?

    Recently came across the YouTube channel and noticed some stickers. Member on here? Car looks like it's doing really well and seems well put together, Keep the content coming :nice:
  18. Kipper

    Recaro SPG XL

    All, After a Recaro SPG XL, Would consider a HANS XL or Pro Racer XL used as well. Cheers Kris
  19. Kipper

    Recaro Pole Position FIA 2023

    Item for sale: Recaro Pole Position FIA Reputation: Price: £500.00 Paypal: Yes, Cash on collection or Bank Transfer Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne Condition: Bought new in 2018, Mint Description: Recaro PP, FIA size in fantastic condition, Have...
  20. Kipper

    EP3 Calipers on 5stud hubs (EK9/DC2)

    Hello, Building a Civic EG to race, It already has 5x114 hubs and I have a pair of premier EP3 calipers laying around from my old EP3 I was thinking of getting refurbished and using them as I guess the 300mm disc size would help me with heat dissipation and some extra braking torque?. It's not...