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  1. kellsled

    Any og's still on here?

    Haven't been on this forum in years and years, kinda forgot about it all tbh and with fb things change. Just wondering if anyone still uses it the way we used to? Ive bought and sold alot if Honda's since I last was on here with my high comp dc2, I've a s2000 race car and facelift dc5 aswell as...
  2. kellsled

    Anyone want Ek9 shell

    Having a wee browse on donedeal and spotted this shell,maybe someone's off here or some of the south members will no it. Be handy for someone looking a project/re shell if it's clean.....
  3. kellsled

    Kellsled's fresh import

    Well thought it was getting to that time were I'll spill the beans on what new car I've got,I was only going to be happy with a fresh import after the drama with my Jordan. I set about searching for a ek9 in japan with torque gt but there was nothing really came up that I'd go been happy with...
  4. kellsled

    End of an era......

    Well lads after my big search for a fresh import ek9 nothing was coming up that I new I'd be happy with so my search broadened and I've now got a fresh import of a different kinda on it's way so it means I'm going to have to get rid of all my ek parts so just a heads up to watch out for my new...
  5. kellsled

    Mot with heat wrap?..

    Thinking about heat wrapping my full exhaust,would there be any problems with mot when it's fully heat wrapped?
  6. kellsled

    Anyone no this car?...

    Anyone know anything about this ek9?if you want to Pm me that's spot on Thanks Phil
  7. kellsled

    Does anyone no this yellow ek9

    Alright lads one the lookout for a ek9 ATM,actually in the process on importing a fresh import,but I came across this ek9 on eBay with a few bits and pieces on it Does anyone no anything about...
  8. kellsled

    ''Not the typical suspension thread"

    Ok so this isn't the typical what's the best budget coilover to buy etc but what I want a little more info on and hopefully some input into is the other end if the scale. Now I've had d2,Meister r and tried bc racing and there all good but at the end of the day there still based as a budget...
  9. kellsled

    My Jordan's timeline(now ended) :(

    Couple of pics of what left of my Jordan,had some great times in this wee car am actually quite sad it had to come to this but onwards and upwards. Anyway couple of pics of it from the start to now. When I first got it back when I was 18,couldn't afford big mods but managed to fork out for d2...
  10. kellsled

    ////////massive clear out part 2\\\\\\\

    Ok lads other page is getting very crowded,any of the big items I'm going to leave you to the buyer to arrange postage as I've had over 60 pm's in the last day so will work out quicker and easier for both parties Item:Meister r coilovers Price:500 Paypal:yes Postage: buyer arranges it...
  11. kellsled

    Vtec6000 mapped r33 gtst skyline

    Hey lads putting up my r33 gtst skyline forsale as I've no need for it anymore and I want to get back into the seat of an ek so this has to go,car benefitted from a full service prior to mapping and had a full health test with printout done with vtec6000 ( he commented on how healthy it was...
  12. kellsled

    ------Massive ek9 clear out------

    MASSIVE PARTS LIST ON PAGE 2 KEEP AN EYE ON IT AS THATS WERE IM UPDATING MORE PARTS OEM AND AFTERMARKET!!! Ok so after a lot of thought I'm going to break my freshly painted Jordan for the simple reason being the guy who did the new arches and respray never replaced the inner arch when fitting...
  13. kellsled

    Posting a cage???

    Anyone any idea what company's are good for posting larger items looking to post my cage who should I try?
  14. kellsled

    Wanted!!! Ek9 or Ek9 shell

    Been doing a lot of thinking recently, spent a fortune on a full respray on my Jordan and turns out the inner arches are still rusty and I've threw the head up and I've started stripping it down. What I'm looking for is a 100% rust free ek9 full car or shell as I have everything to change it...
  15. kellsled

    R33 gtst updated!!!!!!!!!

    So have been a bit quiet on the car front lately been saving to get the skyline mapped and do any wee bits and pieces I wanted to the car,got the car back from vtec6000(anoghus) and he has yet again done a great job mapping a car for me he had a few headaches with the car due to a faulty...
  16. kellsled

    Abs delete

    Were can I get the delete tray for passenger side abs? Took abs out of my car and don't want the abs passenger cover so want to replace it with the delete tray cheers Philip
  17. kellsled

    Skunk2 megapower rr

    Just guaging interest in this as I'm not sure if I want to sell or not. I have a full skunk2 megapower rr exhaust that has been bolted onto the car and has done zero miles,I've took it off to underseal the car and have been thinking it might be a bit loud for me although it does sound...
  18. kellsled

    Massive turbos

    Crazy sized turbos wouldn't mind one on my skyline haha Sand drag race with HUGE turbos! - YouTube
  19. kellsled

    Dc2 omp cage

    Item:dc2 omp msa approved cage Reputation:kellsled Price:£400 Paypal:yes Condition:excellent Description: dc2 omp msa approved cage,bought off r motion freshly powdercoated so no need to paint,had never been used and I've only done 3 track days in it so in great condition and zero damage,has...
  20. kellsled

    Quick engine mount question

    Mate is looking a set of billet engine mounts and on the tegiwaimports website they list a 3 bolt option and a normal one but when I got my mounts there was only the one option for my dc2 which ones does he need for a facelift ek9??? Cheers Philip