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    ek driverside rear doorcard

    im in desperate need of a driverside rear doorcard for my ej9 civic
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    Spoon n1 backbox

    im looking to purchase a spoon n1 backbox for my ej9 any for sale?
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    Takata harnesses

    How much would a set of 3" 4point takata harnesses go for?
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    perfect size wheels

    so im trying to find out what people think the best size wheels are for a ek hatch civic. i currently am running ssr mk3 15" 8j et0 all round but i find there is to much poke and to much scraping so im selling them and changing but not sure what to go for next. im thinking 16" 8j 3"dish on...
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    member around cardiff area

    any members around the cardiff area?
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    Opinions on Spax Coilovers?

    i currently have spax coilovers on my ej9 but im thinking of changing them but not sure what to go for? im looking for a set of coilovers that are going to stiff because i want my car to be low and static and for the wels to be close to the arch, so i dont want them to hit th arch though with...
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    CCW Wheels

    anyone know where i can get a set of ccw wheels in the uk?
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    Confused on next set of wheels!

    I currently have a set of ssr mk3 wheels they are 4x100 15" 8j et0 and they look really nice the offset is just to much and the poke is just silly, so I'm looking at getting another set of wheels and to sell mine ATM, I'm thinking of going 16" but I'm not sure or should I stay 15" Let me...
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    How to fit a bee r rev limiter to a pre facelift ej9

    How do you fit a bee r rev limiter to a ore facelift ej9 hatch civic?
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    Spoon N1 backbox to fit an ej9?

    anyone got or know anyone selling a spoon n1 backbox that will fit my ej9? i got the cash ready and i am willing to travel aslong as its not to far for me
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    Spoon n1 or skunk2?

    I am looking to get a new exhaust system and need some help and advice, I currently have a 1.4 ej9 civic hatch but I am looking to b18 it in the future, I'm not bothered about power gain from the exhaust I just want it to sound amazing! I can't decide between a spoon n1 or a skunk2...
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    Skunk2 exhausts

    I'm looking at getting a skunk2 catback exhaust for my ej9, can anyone help me in telling me what mm I will need please?
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    SSR MK3 wheels

    how much would a good condition set of ssr mk3 15"x8 go for?
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    Ek Hatch.

    This is my Ek Hatch. what do you think? Cheeky Clean.