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    Facelift ek9+aftermarket parts updated!!!

    Have you got an ek9 rear license ate holder and how much for it?
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    ek driverside rear doorcard

    im in desperate need of a driverside rear doorcard for my ej9 civic
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    Spoon n1 backbox

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    Spoon n1 backbox

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    Spoon n1 backbox

    im looking to purchase a spoon n1 backbox for my ej9 any for sale?
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    what color? eg6 on 15"bbs rs

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    Thoughts on the crz?

    not a fan a guy who i work with has one and he ays it shifts like **** mind!
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    glad we don have this in wales
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    Project milano red dc2

    would love a dc2 lovely build mate!
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    cannot wait!!
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    best coilovers for lows

    ive been told d2's because they are really stiff not sure how stiff the meisters are though
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    this is what a bee-R does to your engine

    how do you fit the bee rev limiter?
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    What colour should i go for.....

    gunmetal grey i reckon
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    Idiots that overtake you on speedbumps

    impatient pricks!
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    Spoon Civic Video!!! 11,000 RPM

    i want that car!
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    civic ej9 b18 project. Paint update

    Nice ej9 mate
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    My EK coupe build up

    Nice build!
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    What color for Enkei RS?

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    Crazyjetsfan22's EJ9 Kswap build thread.

    Where did you get your spoon n1 backbox from mate?