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    FUJITSUBO RM-01A Exhaust for civic ek4/9

    No way to post it?
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    My new wanna be ek9

    I know i's a simply ej9 :D
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    ek9 front caliper rebuild kit

    I'm interested in the front caliper kit for dc2 (eudm market from 98). Do you have olso a kit with new cilinder? Thank you __________________
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    282mm 4 pot brakes

    Can you ship?
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    Eternals "ENGINE/PERFORMANCE" thread

    is the full size dualcore? tx
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    We now stock SKUNK2...

    Have you the skunk2 alpha radiator for DC2 (don't listed in your web site) and skunk2 front camber kit PRO PLUS for EG6 (don't listed in your web site)? Thanks
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    Skunk2 exhaust any good ?

    Can I see i real photo of megapower r? tx
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    Fujitsubo Maxim Works Hondata Skunk Samco Buddy Club

    is the maxime works mainfold the DC B18C 45-50.8-57 (dc2 - 1100HE007) or the 45-50.8-60.5 (dc2 - 1100HE047 or ek9 1100HE052) ect ect? I need 45 (not 42.5) end 60 exit Maxim works link Exhaust Manifold?Products???????????????????????
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    We now stock SKUNK2...

    Can I have a quote for alpha series header shipped in Italy? tx
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    Vtec performance! Skunk2 b-series alpha style exhaust manifolds!!!!

    Can I hava a quote for that mainfold delivered in Italy? Tx
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    Emperor Garage Clearing out

    I'm wanna buy the muteki neo chrome. I'm a crx ee8 owner but I' don't remember if i need M12x1.25 or M12x1.5 measure.
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    My Ej6 civic Hb 3.2 V6 Vtec powered!

    awesome ek
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    EJ9 by Grzechu

    eternal blue... Really nice colour
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    Phoenix Yellow DC2 | Grand Prix White EP3

    really good project
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    Damaged 98 spec ukdm honda integra type r dc2 for breaking.

    Optional Oem Rear Strut still available? Price? Can you reponde me in PM Thanks
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    Really thanks buddy
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    Gavs B18c EK9..

    awesome car!
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