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  1. JdmIntegra

    Mugen K20a Integra DC2

    Engine: -DC5 K20A Engine -ATI Super Damper -Custom 3way Pulley -Electric steering Wheel -Mugen Custom 70mm Twin Loop exhaust -Mugen Dual Valve Spring Set -Mugen Metal Head Gasket -Mugen Metal Clutch Set -Mugen LSD Diff -Mugen Oil Pan -Mugen Carbon Fiber Ignition Coil Cover -Mugen High...
  2. JdmIntegra

    Mugen MF10

    I want to buy Mugen Mf10 16x7 5x114,3
  3. JdmIntegra

    Facelift ek9+aftermarket parts updated!!!

    Do you have 2din Radio blOck off plate?
  4. JdmIntegra

    EK9's Breaking

    Do you have CF 2DIN RADIO BLOCK OFF DELETE Plate?
  5. JdmIntegra

    ___Mugen twinloop for sale £300___

    Do you still have twin loop? Can you send to Slovenia (EUROPA)
  6. JdmIntegra

    I cant send PM

    I cant send PM
  7. JdmIntegra

    OEM EK9 exhaust

    Do you have mugen twin loop or oem back box?
  8. JdmIntegra

    OEM EK9 exhaust

    So i am buying EK9 B-pipe and EK9 Back Box or Mugen Twin Loop? A am from Slovenia!!! Pleas seand me a mail because i cant send PMs!!! My mail [email protected] Best regards Mitja
  9. JdmIntegra

    Mugen ITR DC2

  10. JdmIntegra

    Mugen ITR DC2

    Engine: -B20B -Endyne Piston’s -Crower Rod’s -Full Ported Head -Skunk2 Stage3 Camshaft’s -Skunk2 Titanium retejnerji -Supertech Dual Valve Springs Kit -Supertech Valves -BuddyClub Racing Spec Cam Pully -TWM ITB’s -RC 440cc Fuel Injectors -HyTech Header -Custom made...
  11. JdmIntegra

    EK9 Part Numbers

    Can you get me part number for EK9 rear spoiler? Used JDM EK9 CTR Type R Rear Spoiler