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  1. Hartsock

    EK9/DC2 OEM springs

    Hi Looking for 2 sets of OEM front and rear EK9 or DC2 suspension springs. Looking for someone willing to post to Portugal or could collect in London from 11/03 to 14/03
  2. Hartsock

    ek9 rear sway bar

    Hi, looking for a complete ek9 rear sway bar. With endlinks, d brackets, bushes, if possible. Thanks
  3. Hartsock

    EK9 Brakes - creaking/clunking

    Hi everyone. Just had my front ek9 calipers rebuild, and I know for sure my slide pins are "sliding well". Recently changed the pads (for OEM) and the noise disappeared for 2 weeks, and its now back again! Exacly like this: This noise is...
  4. Hartsock

    CTR EK9 stickers (black car)

    Hi, looking for the 3 Civic Type-R Stickers for a Black EK9
  5. Hartsock

    EK9 tinted glasses (near London)

    Hi anyone near London selling the 3 EK9 tinted windows? Trunk, and the two small side windows? A friend of mine is going to London in 15/2, and he could collect them in person. thanks
  6. Hartsock

    EK9 Rear Lip

    Hi, looking for another EK9 rear Lip. Only interested in genuine Honda. Thanks
  7. Hartsock

    B18 crankshaft

    Hi Looking for a B18C4, B18C6, or B18C crankshaft in very good condition. Thanks
  8. Hartsock

    Problems going back to stock

    Hi everyone. A friend of mine bought an EK4 (96-98) with Skunk2 Tuner Stage3 cams, Skunk2 valve springs, adjustable cam gears, complete exhaust and a mapped P28 ECU. The plan was to put the car stock again and sell all these mods, so that's what i did. I changed the cams, cam gears, and...
  9. Hartsock

    OEM EK9 rear lip

    Hi Looking for a genuine EK9 rear lip in good shape. Paint/color doesnt matter, because it will be painted. May accept offers for EK9 rear lip + Bumper Seller must post the item to portugal at my cost of course. thank you
  10. Hartsock

    B20Z1 OEM piston

    Hi Looking to buy one (1) B20Z1 piston in good condition. Might buy the all 4 pistons if i find a good price. No need for the rods, bolts or even the rings Thank you in advance PISTON REF: PHK
  11. Hartsock

    B series bottom end

    Hi Looking for a B18C4 / B18C6 / B20 bottom end. Including block, crank, pistons etc... or just a b20b3 crank
  12. Hartsock

    OEM EK9 Grill 96-98

    Hi Looking for a OEM EK9 grill. No problem with color or scuffs, as is going to be painted. Must ship to Portugal - Lisbon Regards
  13. Hartsock

    Front ITR / EK9 hubs

    Hi Looking for someone willing to ship to Portugal, a complete front set with hubs, calipers, pads, discs, abs sensors and brake hoses at a good price Like picture: Good price please
  14. Hartsock

    Ek9 / ITR 5 stud conversion

    Hi I'm from Portugal, looking for someone willing to post a pair of complete rear hubs from ek9 / Itr : -hubs -Discs -Calipers -Pads -Oil hoses -handbrake cable. -ABS sensors 5x114.3 Can accept offers of a complete SET (Front and Rear) Regards
  15. Hartsock

    Civic hatch ej9

    Hi Here it is finally, my project for half an year. Bought it bone stock and crashed with 215.000 miles The car was 200miles away from home, but that was not a problem. He came with some zip ties and some tape :D Today's Pictures: When i bought it:
  16. Hartsock

    EK9 OEM Wheels

    Hi I'm from Portugal, needing 4x oem ek9 rims, in good shape. Obviously i pay all the shipping costs. Can pay up to 200pounds for the set, plus postage. Preference to Paypal. email: [email protected] Regards
  17. Hartsock

    Presentation Hartsock

    Hi My name is Luis Corte-Real, i'm 19 from Portugal (Lisbon). I know this forum for about 4 years ago, only today i've decide to register I drive a Ej9 hatchback with 440.000kms (+- 215.000 miles) and goes like new:nice: Later i will post some pictures on the right place. Cheers