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  1. JohnTurbo

    Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Fitment Tool

    Bushing tool, used twice (one car) only. £60 delivered or £55 collected from near Burnley. :-)
  2. JohnTurbo

    EK9 Model Kit by Fujimi

    Surely its not just me got one of these for Christmas?? I'm not much of a model maker but did my best.
  3. JohnTurbo

    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    Hi Folks, its been a loong while; like 5 years. When last I was here I had an EK4 race car that had many of the useful bits (and look) of an EK9. It was minty and sorted and lovely and the world was good. EK4 RACER Since then I've been off on other tangents, including a K20 powered S1 Exige -...
  4. JohnTurbo

    k20 Running Lean at all engine speeds, help!

    Hi folks, Took the exige to the Dyno to get it looked at. I will dump graphs in here when i get to a PC. In short though the AFR was about 15 all through th rev range and over 15 in the power band. Otherwise the graphs were similar to another k20 with RBC manifold saved on the Dyno, though...
  5. JohnTurbo

    Needed fast - Set of stock b series injectors

    Sticking my b16b back in and lost my bleeding injectors!!
  6. JohnTurbo

    Tuned B18C TODA C - bare engine with inlet manifold/injectors

    JDM B18C Type R base engine 220BHP/147lbft [genuine conservative figure!] Fully reconditioned head with - New valve guides - Recut valve seats - Hot tank clean and paint - Minimal skim to flat Toda C cams Toda valve springs Ferrea 6000 series Valves Crower retainers Skunk2 Viton Valve...
  7. JohnTurbo

    My new 'K Swap'

    Much like the Libra thread, I've bought this to replace the civic: Its an S1 Exige, witha Honda K20. 235bhp.
  8. JohnTurbo

    For Sale:- EK Race Car - 220bhp B18C'R - Ready to Race

    Very Sad to do this, but I am selling my Civic, having agreed to buy a K-swap for the road and trackdays. I just don't have the time to race her, so I think I need to pass her on to somebody who will. This car has was originally built by SPEK9 to a very high standard including first making the...
  9. JohnTurbo

    Help me pick a new (used) car. 17k budget.

    I need to replace my Saab 9-3 Aero Estate, and I am struggling to find a perfect fit for my needs. 500/month over 3 years is 17k you see. It must be:- Able to tow a car (1600kg tow limit) Be 40+ mpg Have toys (ie satnav, good oe stereo) Be a hatchback or estate Quickish Look ok from an exective...
  10. JohnTurbo

    2.5" decat, or a knackered b pipe (actually want the flange)

    I have bought a 200cell cat with a 2.5" collector, but the rear is just pipe so i need an old decat or bit of b pipe with the 3 bolt flange to cut up and weld on. Anything suitable? Otherwise i have to get a 35quid one of ebay to cut up which would be a waste.
  11. JohnTurbo

    Wrong fuel strainer...basically all fuel pump kits!

    Has anyone noticed that all the after market kits come with the wrong fuel pump sock/strainer? I had to reuse my old one then it was not sealing and sucked up air when fuel was low. Have now used the metal ring off the new strainer and it fits tight but its a blag. My pump is an APS one but...
  12. JohnTurbo

    Insurance with rollcage mid risk postcode...what am I missing?!

    Anyone have a good company up their sleeve. I havent got a single quote yet! I'm 32! So far tried Sky Insurance, Greenlight, Moris...
  13. JohnTurbo

    Home-made velocity stacks!

    Am I the only one mad enough to design and 3d print my own velocity stacks? Sorry for tiny photos...thats the shitness of apple products not allowing me to copy image location. The white one is a 3" to 6" spherical - Mark1. My car made 220bhp with this on. Blue is an eliptical design that is...
  14. JohnTurbo

    BC Racing Coilovers - Honda Civic Ek/Ek4/Ek9 96-99 BR Type

    Item for sale:- Used BC Coilovers Type BR for EK Civics Reputation:- Price:- £400 Paypal:- Yes, fees covered Location:- Rossendale, Lancashire (Or Oldham) Condition:- 8/10 Description:- For sale - as above. Not many miles, been on the racer...
  15. JohnTurbo

    Cheap Cam Cover WTB

    Hi, After a servicable cam cover to seal my new engine. What have you got folks?
  16. JohnTurbo

    ECU - 96 JDM SIR (B16A - Non Imob - Higher Rev Limit) - P2T

    Reputation: Have a thread...its empty, despite selling stuff (including an engine) on here. Price:80 Paypal: Fees covered Location:Burnley, Lancs Condition:Full working Description: I think the differences between this and a Euro P2t are in the title. Its like 8600rpm limit i belive, and...
  17. JohnTurbo

    Wtd: Used ARP Head Studs (16B/18C), *Good* OEM Exhaust Valves

    After a set of ARP studs. WIll pay £70 posted :-) Say £25 posted for valves - I bet many have binned these! (Must be pretty free of deposits as I want to use honda valves but mine are a mess)
  18. JohnTurbo

    B16A2 Bare Engine

    Reputation: Price:£400 Paypal: Yes, fees covered. Location:Lancashire Condition:Good Description: B16A2 engine in very good condition. 99k miles. Stephen (Spek9) went to some length to look after this engine, including a new water pump, and...
  19. JohnTurbo

    Full Bottom End - B18cX, B16X

    Hi folks, I've blown my 2nd engine now while racing - bottom end knock. In this case it blew a lot of oil out then probably surged. I have a b16Ax and a B16b/b18c heads and cams but need a cheap bottom end. Would be interested to hear what you have available and a price? I'd look at...
  20. JohnTurbo


    Any comments from dealings with me if you would be so kind. :-)