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  1. AlanIRL

    EE9/EF9 parts

    Anyone got anything for sale Front Bumper OEM front yellow fogs OEM wind deflectors Looking for any bits for EE9/EF9 B16a Dohc Vtec
  2. AlanIRL

    SSR Type C Gold Color Code

    Looking at painting my type c's gold but looking for a close match to the ssr gold, does anyone know a code that is near identical wheels are white at the moment
  3. AlanIRL

    EF9 Parts (SiR Front bumper, wind deflectors, 2.5" manifold, traction bars)

    as above, anyone know of anything Mainly after a bumper
  4. AlanIRL


    Looking for a front bumper for my EF9 SiR2 if anyone has or may know of anything
  5. AlanIRL

    K-swap manifolds

    Whats the best kswap manifold on the market at the moment for a race car.. and has anyone got one for sale
  6. AlanIRL

    B18c EK2 Irish Touring Car

    Said id throw up some pics and details off my Track car. Built from Automatic 1.3 EK2 Bare Shell. Going for Mapping with AP-Performance (Vtec6000) this week so will be running on Neptune Demon Board ECU. Hoping to go racing with it at some point but for now Trackdays are OK. Current Spec is...