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  1. Saqib

    Window Motor

    As per thread title I require a passenger side window motor. Thanks.
  2. Saqib

    2000 EK9 Type-Rx

    Item for sale: 2000 EK9 Civic Type-Rx Reputation: Price: SOLD Location: Glasgow Condition: Excellent Hello everyone. I didn’t think I’d ever write this but my EK9 is up for sale after 3 and a half years of thoroughly enjoyable ownership. The...
  3. Saqib @ JapFest 2016

    A bit late, but here's my pics from our stand at JapFest. Apologies if I never got a pic of your car!
  4. Saqib

    Black EK9 - Glasgow

    Spotted a black pre-facelift 9 on Great Western Road on Saturday night. Anyone here?
  5. Saqib @ JapFest 2

    Hi folks. As many of you know it was JapFest 2 at Rockingham Speedway on Sunday. Overall the event was brilliant, weather was lovely, some great laughs and an outstanding effort from everyone involved. It was also great for everyone to meet for the first time after speaking through this...
  6. Saqib

    Driving in the wet like a boss (EK9)

    An old Best Motoring video on the EK9 but well worth watching. Skip to about 8:40 for the insanely good wet lap.
  7. Saqib

    Spoon rear strut brace

    Item for sale: Spoon rear strut brace Reputation: Price:£70 Paypal: [email protected] Location: Glasgow, collection welcome Condition: Fantastic Description: Spoon rear strut brace in polished finish. Previously from an EK. Pictures:
  8. Saqib


    Any feedback on doing business with me whether I've purchased or sold parts. Cheers.
  9. Saqib

    EK9 feature in Evo

    Just a heads up, this month's Evo magazine has a decent EK9 feature. A rare appearance in a mainstream magazine. I don't have any scans unfortunately. There's also a Civic Type R guide in a recent Pistonheads article...
  10. Saqib


    As above, I'm looking for an OEM exhaust manifold heatshield. Preferably one that has a fresh coat of paint. Cheers.
  11. Saqib

    New NSX What do you think folks? I think it looks stunning.
  12. Saqib

    Glasgow Bin Lorry Crash :(
  13. Saqib

    EK9 Rear Light Looms

    Looking for EK9 rear light looms with bulb holders. I only need one loom, but if you have a pair I'll take it.
  14. Saqib

    CW EK9 - West End, Glasgow

    Went for a fag and a walk and spotted a CW EK9 on Great Western Road. Looked clean. Anyone off here?
  15. Saqib

    Scottish Independence

    I know there's a few of us from Scotland on here; what are you voting with regards to the referendum - yes or no? With less than a month to go, I'm still undecided for whatever reason. Better make up my mind soon! Rest of UK, how do you feel with regards to Scotland potentially becoming an...
  16. Saqib

    Saqib's EK9

    Hi folks, I've been registered on here and owned an EK9 since the beginning of this year. I thought I'd throw up some pictures. She's a 2000 reg Rx example that has been an car since import in early 2008. This is my 6th Honda and I absolutely love it. The car is pretty much standard...
  17. Saqib

    CW EK9 in Glasgow

    Spotted a V reg CW EK9 with black wheels in St George's Road tonight. Looked fairly clean. Anyone off here?
  18. Saqib

    JDM EP3: Tell me more

    Somewhere down the line, I may need to sell my EK9 and buy something that's a little bit more comfortable, more spacious for carrying passengers, and better suited to long motorway journeys. JDM EP3 immediately comes to mind. What do you think? Any positive experiences? Good car? Cheers.
  19. Saqib

    Renaultsport Megane 275 Trophy-R So Renault have reclaimed the FWD 'Ring record again. Wonder how Honda must feel after all this talk of them taking the record?
  20. Saqib

    Insurance Black Boxes Telematics/black boxes in cars. What you think of this? I know some drivers will benefit with reduced insurance...