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  1. Kahneolus

    Got the rear bumper off...

    I wanted to check what condition the rear crash bar was in... oh. Ain't that a bitch... no bar front, no bar back, *sigh*. Also, I think the square sections that have been blocked off to make round holes are where a crash bar would be installed into (then bolted on via the boot floor)... so I...
  2. Kahneolus

    What would you call this part?

    Hey. So I know of slam panels and bumper mounts, but obviously neither of those are this thing (see pic). Previous owner was an old lady, and she parked by touch... so this arm I've circled is a little... bent. Ta!
  3. Kahneolus

    Hey hey

    Hi all! A short introduction! I live in Wales, UK, and just got my grubby hands on a neighbour's EJ9! :) Old lady who I approached and said, if she ever plans on selling it, I'd have it... she then went and sold it, lol. So yeah, came across the forum as I'm trying to research as much as...