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  1. spikeyhairdude

    New member from the United States

    All of those cars are amazing. im surprised i didn't see this post before until you tagged it in your roundtrip page. All thats going thru my head seeing these cars --
  2. spikeyhairdude

    Ek9 sump question

    Current Part Number 11251-P30-004
  3. spikeyhairdude

    UK road trip in my EK9. Looking for guidance

    Tesco momentum and shell v power sell 99 ron fuel. These fuel stations are common. Theft isnt as bad as USA. I would suggest getting a steering lock anyways to be on the safe side. Thats what i do with my ek9. We have speed cameras almost every where and also speed guns every now and then. I...
  4. spikeyhairdude

    Rear Number Plate Recess

    They are 2nd hand but still have the tabs which are perfectly fine
  5. spikeyhairdude

    Rear Number Plate Recess

    I have a few on the way from japan. Only thing is im not sure the ETA currently due to whats happening in ukraine
  6. spikeyhairdude

    JDM COMBE 2022 - 9TH JULY

    If you are wanting to be on the EK9 Stand for JDM Combe. Please purchase your tickets asap with our group code. The earlier the better as they will shut the entries soon.
  7. spikeyhairdude

    JDM COMBE 2022 - 9TH JULY

    If you have purchased your ticket for the club stand. As you drive in they will look at the ticked hanging from your rear view mirror and they should direct you or give you a genral area of where we will be. They usually give us where we are going to be parked few weeks before the actual show so...
  8. spikeyhairdude

    Shift Sport Bonnet WANTED

    My mate may have a preface one. Il message him to confirm.
  9. spikeyhairdude

    my ek9

    Oh heeeey. Been messaging you on insta
  10. spikeyhairdude

    EK9 Rear and Side decal (for black color)

    @Dzero4 is the best person i use when i cant source parts myself. He has alot of links all over the world that can source these parts. give him a message and see what he can do for you.
  11. spikeyhairdude

    Parts Required for KSWAP

    Sure is. Taken by a cool dude aswell
  12. spikeyhairdude

    Parts Required for KSWAP

    I made this file last year to help my friends KSWAP Their cars as i have spent over £10,000 buying all branded parts when there was alot of parts i could of cheap out on. Dont be a mug and edit this saying that you did it, This was done in my free time to help out, not to make money. Example...
  13. spikeyhairdude

    EK9 Rear and Side decal (for black color)

    @Dzero4 may be able to help. i just the part numbers through work and they are discontinued now
  14. spikeyhairdude

    Project EK9 Boost

    Traction bars are made for dc2/ eg / mb / delsol lower arms from what i have noticed. as they have the 2 bolts that are required for the traction bar bracket to bolt to. I have a traction bar on my ek9 but i have dc2 subframe installed. im not to sure if this requires normal ek subframe to be...
  15. spikeyhairdude

    Honda exclusive EK9 yellow on yellow. Is this a real car?

    @kahn_v Bro had yellow jordan on yellow dc2 seats like 10/12 years ago
  16. spikeyhairdude

    D14 to d16 vtec swap

    We fitted a d14 gearbox when we did a d16z6 swap on a customers car. In my opinion i would just save till you can get the engine you really want. Not eveything can be done in one paycheck Do you really want to spend all that time in money for just very small amount of power gain?
  17. spikeyhairdude

    Honda exclusive EK9 yellow on yellow. Is this a real car?

    What do you mean by yellow on yellow? Yellow car on yellow wheels?
  18. spikeyhairdude

    EK9 Shell - 2000 (Facelift) - Starlight Black

    What was the reg?
  19. spikeyhairdude

    New owner in the NW

    Hey welcome We been talking on facebook
  20. spikeyhairdude

    My K24 Frank Turbo EK9

    2 new pictures since the cars been back on road with a new gearbox. Stripped 4th leaving reading jap meet back in october. Cars been back on road for a month now. Also fitted new gauges as my current ones all failed at the same time Oil cooler and lines fitted aswell as i made brackets for the...