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  1. harvey j

    Standard 240cc injectors OBD2 fitment

    Hi guys Has anyone got an old set of standard injectors lying around? I need a set to get my car running before the tune so I can set it the idle etc and get her running sweet before the tune. I don't really wanna pay more than £50 And you can have them back after the tune .
  2. harvey j


    After chatting to a few guys at PETES MEET the discussion came to windscreens and how expensive and trying to find them for the EK9 if your car is off the road and not insured. I found this company who sell heated front screens they are called Ricky Evans Motorsports and only £225 for an EK. I...
  3. harvey j

    Flywheel cover

    As above guys, I'm looking for a flywheel cover plate for a s4c
  4. harvey j

    Jap show

    Hi guys Anyone off to japshow at the weekend?
  5. harvey j

    Scuttle panel

    As above in need of a scuttle panel for an ek9
  6. harvey j

    Oem ek9 CW rear splitter

    Hi guys as said above Price: £60 including shipping (50 if collected Paypal: Yes Location: carterton, oxfordshire Condition: 5/10 Description: finished in CW taken off my pre facelift ek9, a few scratches and scuffs and unfortunately extensive melting above the exhaust due to to much launch...
  7. harvey j

    Oem electric mirrors

    As it says in the title, I'm after a pair of oem electric mirrors for my ek9, colour doesn't matter as they will be resprayed
  8. harvey j

    Get your TAKATA's quick

    Was watching the world news last night on bbc whilst trying to get to sleep and I seen on the scrolling news along the bottom that TAKATA have filed for bankruptcy, not sure what this might mean for the green harnesses we all love but they may be a thing of the past in the future☹
  9. harvey j

    The rarest EK9 ever

    Just been browsing on the web and found this rare beast:)) Apparently it's a Jordan Type r Lol This is the description 1999 Honda Civic Type R EK9...
  10. harvey j

    Free bits and bobs

    Just been clearing out my garage and have a few parts that are taking up room. I don't wanna throw them in the bin as they maybe usefull to some body. I don't want anything for them and therefore they will be collection only. S4C Gearbox from a 00 VTI, box never crunched or whined but it has...
  11. harvey j

    CW EK9 at TDI PLC

    Popped in TDI PLC to get some gearbox oil and spotted CW EK9 parked outside V***AAN
  12. harvey j

    CW EK9 M40 Jct 4

    Heading west bound between Jct 4 and 5 around 1915 tonight Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but your right hand lower tail light was out
  13. harvey j

    Fast and Furious locations

    Im currently working in California with work at the moment, we normally spend 6 weeks away every 3 months so about 4 trips a year, I have done every bar in town and seen most of the baseball and NFL teams play in the local area, so this trip I thought I would hire a car and do some more sight...
  14. harvey j

    OEM EK9 GRILL pre Facelift

    As it says in the title, Item for sale: OEM EK9 Grill pre face in CW Reputation: Harvey J Price:£50 shipped to UK only Condition: 6/10 Paint is a little faded and needs a polish, there is a large scratch were the bonnet has been rubbing but is not noticeable when shut, the mesh is in good...
  15. harvey j

    OEM EK9 Spoiler in CW (Including base plate)

    As it says in the title, Item for sale: OEM EK9 Spoiler in CW (Including base plate) Reputation: Harvey J Price:£160 shipped to UK only, £150 collected from oxford/essex. Condition: 7/10 base plate a little faded and I tiny mark on the corner of the spoiler, good condition for something...
  16. harvey j

    Custom valve cover

    Hi guys just got my Valve cover back form the painters, they are a company called down in Weymouth, Dorset. they specialise in artwork and airbrushing camper vans and modern VW vans, it was a bit pricey at £395 but it is a one off masterpiece, they have some really impressive...
  17. harvey j

    2015 Type R

    was out driving this afternoon about 1630 and about 2 miles away from the Honda plant in Swindon, when I noticed a red civic with the worlds biggest rear wing pulling out of a petrol station, I then realised what it was. I wonder who was driving it? the big boss man at Swindon? notice how the...
  18. harvey j

    Warning PAYPAL Scam

    hi guys I got an email apparently from PayPal, below is what it said, It looked really legit and stuff, real logos and such. When you click on the link it asks you to update your username and password and your security question. I imediately thought this was very strange and I know...
  19. harvey j

    Seeker V2 spoiler

    As it says in the title, Item for sale: Brand new unpainted Seeker V2 Spoiler, still in its box from Fuyai Racing. Reputation:Harvey J Price: £250 shipped to UK only, Item will be in Bournemouth all this week if anyone want to pick it up. Condition: 10/10 Brand new, I want a...
  20. harvey j

    Mental drifting

    Dunno if you guys have seen this? I would admit you shouldn't take the mic out of disabled people but it made me laugh so much......I suppose I will go to he'll for this but hey..