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  1. JDM 101

    new guy: my old em1 (lots of pics lol)

    I see a Pinoy (wakaba) badge hanging. Nice ride pare.
  2. JDM 101

    Do High Octane fuel really true with there claims??

    @reiner ... If you can afford a 2ndhand, Japan surplus car then i think you can afford paying the difference between an unleaded and higher octane petrol. IMO. @leeK9 ... People here in the Philippines are yanking about high price of petrol because prices go up from time to time but common...
  3. JDM 101

    Whats your clearance like on your Spoon calipers

    ^It is a known fact that Spoon calipers will fit on EK9 stock wheels with no problem.
  4. JDM 101

    ek hatch lover from Philippines

    Welcome to the site sir. Nice EK you got there. BTW, is there such a thing as an EK9 extended armrest?
  5. JDM 101

    MY ek9 from the fresh from the PORT

    Nice EK9 sir.
  6. JDM 101

    Whilst the sun was out...

    Where's the BBS wheels? Still lovin the stance though...
  7. JDM 101

    Mugen lip teaser

    And it doesnt have holes on the side slots.
  8. JDM 101

    [ JDM / USDM ] Corner Lights

    Yes they have but as a signal light.
  9. JDM 101

    Check this out guys !!

    It's an EK sedan.Very common here in the Philippines.
  10. JDM 101

    Front bumper fogs

    I seen a lot of this here in the Philippines. They go for P7k to P9k or lessthan $200 US but the shipping will cost you.
  11. JDM 101

    Updated pics of my EK9 in the Philippines.

    Nice car sir. More!
  12. JDM 101

    JDM 101's EK9

    I'll PM you both later. I need to ask the supplier in HK first if they still have tha in stocks. You want the one for prefacelifted EK9 or EK4? Thanks sir. I'll post pix when its done.
  13. JDM 101


    I thought so coz i dont think they sell the inner barrel sticker. Only the lip and spokes are for sale. Nicely done though. Very clean EK sir. :nice:
  14. JDM 101

    Bc pillar brace

    Bought a set before but never installed it so i sold it to a guy from US.
  15. JDM 101


    Are this genuine Desmond stickers?
  16. JDM 101

    Does the EK9 Mugen CAI fit the DC2?

    When i bought my Mugen CAI, the box has EK9 and DC2 written all over it.
  17. JDM 101

    JDM 101's EK9

    I also have this: BBS RS 16x7 +45. Planning to do a Prima Donna copy out of it. These are what they was before the restoration.
  18. JDM 101

    JDM 101's EK9

    Posting a pix of my 9s underchassis. Newly restored BBS RS 16x7 +34. Its not gloss but flat black.
  19. JDM 101

    JDM 101's EK9

    Thanks. PM replied. Thanks pre. Muzta ung ogags sa thread mo? :secret:
  20. JDM 101

    [EK9] Pics & Scan of brochures , catalogues and books

    I got 3 Hyper Rev magazines and 2 brochures of EK9. I will try to post pix soon.