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  1. civicx3

    Can someone measure this part for me?

    Has anyone got the original rear brace from their EK9 who can measure the outside diameter and wall thickness of the tube with a vernier? If someone can then it would be much appreciated :nice:
  2. civicx3

    How to choose a turbo and manifold?

    Its my first turbo build and struggling with all the different things like turbo size, brand, single or twinscoll, ball or journal bearing, wastegate etc... Ive got a B20Z1 and hoping for a reliable 220+ whp and i want it to be as responsive as possible so i'll need a small turbo for the...
  3. civicx3

    Cost to K swap a EK in 2021

    Can anyone give some rough figures for putting a K20 into a civic EK using second hand parts where possible and doing all the work myself Engine and box would have to be healthy, not high miles and ready to drop in Ideally standard ECU to keep costs low unless aftermarket is a huge improvement...
  4. civicx3

    Nissin brake boosters and prop valves

    Im having no luck trying to find the answer to my questions and as usual searching the internet has just confused things even more so does anyone 100% know the answers to these questions, i need personal experience here and not what someone heard or read... Can you use a brake booster from a...
  5. civicx3

    Parts wanted for EK and EG

    EK S80 4.7FD gearbox Coilovers Facelift EK9 front grille Facelift EK9 front and rear lips Hardrace front and rear camber arms Carbon bonnet, oem look so no scoops Genuine honda B series dual bend shifter Sparco grid bucket seats or anything else lightweight 3 point front strut brace...
  6. civicx3

    Anyone taken the roof off a EK civic?

    Anyone taken the roof off a EK civic? im wondering how easy it is to remove and replace Is it just spot welded all the way around and are they easy to get at? Does the windscreen have to come out? Does it need to be braced before removing? Ive seen some good panel adhesives that sound better...
  7. civicx3

    EJ9 or EK hatchback wanted

    Looking for a very clean tintop ej9 or ek hatchback with good arches, sills, jacking points, wheel wells etc... Might consider sunroof models if mint condition underneath Ideally low miles and facelift and will want to go over the whole car to make sure its not rotten or bent so the seller...
  8. civicx3

    Suede centre console cover for the EK Civic

    Item for sale: Suede centre console cover for the EK Civic Reputation: Price: £10 posted ( UK mainland ) ***This is a introductory price and will be going up slightly very soon*** Paypal: Yes ( They can also be bought on ebay if you'd rather...
  9. civicx3

    Anyone tried these low price aftermarket parts?

    Anyone got experience with these aftermarket suspension parts? Front camber arms from £12 each seems really cheap but it says they have a 2year warranty so im not sure if i should try them. They arent well known brands to me but they do have known brands like blueprint and delphi but are...
  10. civicx3

    CRV non vtec engine swap?

    Anyone seen or know if you can swap a complete CRV engine into a EK chassis without doing the b20 vtec conversion? Can the inlet be swapped for a b16 / b18 on the crv head? The crv inlet looks too big for the EK engine bay but i could be wrong If you got the ecu from a obd2b 1999 - 2001 in...
  11. civicx3

    Blocked PCV and new catch can

    Ive been having a lot of oil leaks on my EG6 and think its down to a bad PCV valve so will replacing it and installing a catch can. Im not running boost so any advice on setting one up for the first time on a NA motor? The outlet of the PCV valve goes to the intake of the catch can, but is it...
  12. civicx3

    D15Z6 into a facelift EK

    Whats needed to put a D15Z6 engine into a facelift EK? I cant find any good info anywhere The engine is a obd2a eco vtec and ive been told you can only use the original loom due to some sensors and one of them being behind the powersteering pump but im not convinced on this Can this engine run...
  13. civicx3

    EK parts wanted

    After some bits for a EK facelift hatch, all parts need to be in very good condition Rota slips 4x100 and 15" Hardrace rear LCA's / rear toe arms / rear camber arms Passenger wing ideally in aqua mint Black armrest Black interior side trims ( below the doorcards once the door is closed ) Black...
  14. civicx3

    2.5" EK EG stainless catback exhaust

    Anyone got a good quality 2.5" stainless exhaust for a EG or EK? nothing spoon or in poor condition
  15. civicx3

    D16Z6 Engine

    Anyone got a healthy d16z6 engine and manual box for sale? will also be needing the ECU, gear linkage and driveshafts :nice:
  16. civicx3

    EK parts wanted - suspension, exhaust etc..

    Looking for these parts for a EK hatch... hardrace front camber arms ( bushes must be good ) good quality 2.5" catback exhaust good quality suspension or eibach pro springs ( no coilovers ) front strut brace genuine ek9 lip front and back alloy B series radiator ASR brace and everything to fit...
  17. civicx3

    Which ECU for ODB2 B16 swap

    What are my options when it comes to running a B16A2 in a facelift EJ9 which is ODB2B and I cant have any warning light on as its now a MOT failure I can get my hands on a ODB2B civic VTI EK4 ECU but surely id need to remove the immobiliser? If so would it work by swapping the chips over from...
  18. civicx3

    Difference with EK9 LCA's

    Can someone show me the difference between a EK9 front lca and a normal EK arm. Or post some pics of a EK9 arm and il compare it to mine. I cant find any good pictures and what i have found doesnt look any different to each other Ive also read the roll bar mount is in a different place on the...
  19. civicx3

    Aftermarket suspension parts

    Does anyone use aftermarket parts for the suspension and steering? Im needing new RTA bushes, front ball joints, track rods and anti roll links and considering buying all aftermarket parts from Ive always used genuine or hardrace but trying to save some cash and surely...
  20. civicx3

    How to tell if a steering rack has been converted to manual

    Bought a EK9 subframe with steering rack and the power steering lines coming out of the rack have been looped with a rubber hose Im wanting power steering so is there a way to tell if the rack has been converted inside to a manual rack before i go ahead and fit it? :nice: