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  1. blinx9900

    e cig discussion anyone?

    Who's got an e cig? i recently got into this and i freaking love these damn things!!!!!!!!!!! Provari Mini with atmistique hippo cap and twins extension tube my workhorse K100 with RDA atomizer cheapy but good looking KTS with igo-L My favorite full brass Ghost Modder TS with igo-L...
  2. blinx9900

    Wet drag racing, low boost runs, 13.xx cocsistantly!!

    I was running off the wastegate so only managed 7-8psi so i was only making 240whp, car usually makes 340whp w the boost controller set at 12psi. It was a fun day, ran consistant 13.XX Passes with the best being 13.47 @ 110mph, 60ft was 2.273, reaction time was .713, i hit the 1/8th mile at...
  3. blinx9900

    I'm alive, hi guys! How is everyone!?

    Hi guys, been away for some time, how is everything? I'm good, busy with my girlfriend :blabla: work etc... Still have my Honda :D Whats new?
  4. blinx9900

    Hit a bumpe now my car won't start!

    So i hit a small dip on the way to work, nothing amazing i always do but then my car died like it was hit by an EMP! Now i have no spark, car turns over but won't fire. I also have noise coming from IACV (buzzing noise). So far i have replaced coil/igniter/dizzy/IACV and still it does not...
  5. blinx9900

    Forum slow for anybody?

    Am i the only one experiencing slowness?
  6. blinx9900

    How territorial are you? Am i normal?

    So i have been thinking lately i am an extremely territorial person, and just wondering if i should bring it down a bit or do any of you guys agree with me? Basically am i alone in this? Here are some exmples: -nobody better park in front of my ****ing house unless i know them. -nobody better...
  7. blinx9900

    Went to visit a friend, oh god was i surprised! NSFW!!

    So i went to go say hi to one of my friends as i was in the area, i stopped at the side window and smoked a cigg before i was going to barge in as a joke like i was the police. Well i start hearing some noise if ya follow, some grinding, some moans etc... Noise is obviously coming from a woman...
  8. blinx9900

    Show your unique/rare mods!!

    Purpose of this thread is to showoff your unique or rare mods/parts, stuff you think nobody else has or has thought of. Or stuff that some people might have but you rarely see, or custom fabricated parts like a one off rear diffuser etc... It dosn't have to be anything special, just something...
  9. blinx9900

    Any Mass Effect 2 players?

    Amazing game!! I just beat part 1 and im a few hours into the second, its simply amazing, 10x better than the original!!!!!! :win::win::win:
  10. blinx9900

    My new wheels, 17's hell yeah!

    Well i always said i thought 17's looked good, ive had these in my garage for about 7 years now, decided to throw them on with the Falken RT615 tires, 205/40/17 wheels are RacingHart C2 17x7 +42, yes they look big and i freaking love it! Sorry for the iphone picture my sister is borrowing my D60..
  11. blinx9900

    WTB CTR cams, perferably from someone i know :)

    Well, a good friend of mine is in need of some CTR cams for his turbo b20/vtec, any help is appreciated, budget is about $300 usd.
  12. blinx9900

    ATTENTION ALL NEW MODS: leek9, benzai, Jimbob, Stevenek9, tico ek9, GTLVR82

    ***If your name is not in the title please do not post in this thread.*** ***If your name is not in the title please do not post in this thread.*** It's too much of a pain to pm all of you so this is what i have come up with, are you guys happy with this? I have reviewed all your lists and you...
  13. blinx9900

    Vent thread? What crap happened to you today?

    I got into a huge fight with my mom today, she disagrees with my financial situation, i make 40k a year, i live by myself, i pay her cellphone bill, and i have never asked her for a dime!! He reason? Because i spend so much money on car parts and only manage to save $200 a month! I am...
  14. blinx9900

    found a sweet deal on throttlebodies!!

    Just wanted to pass this along, i found a sweet deal on the omni 70mm tb, $99!!!! I have dealt with that vendor in the past, very reliable :nice:
  15. blinx9900

    Deleted threads, sorry!!!

    This morning i was deleting a bunch of spam that popped up on the forum, i was late to work and did it in a hurry, in the midst of it all i deleted about 10 valid threads, if this was one of yours i am very sorry, please start a new thread, hopefully it wasn't anybodies project thread :nerv:
  16. blinx9900

    Vote fore new moderators please!
  17. blinx9900

    **Who wants to be a Moderator? Open Enrollment!!!!**

    As the forum continues to grow more people are needed to keep things in order, luckily this place is very civil so we have been able to get by with a handful of mods for a very long time, the users of this forum are rarely the subject of moderation, it's usually spammers/trollers/people that...
  18. blinx9900

    Help keep this place clean!

    Hello friends, recently many new users signed up just to sell stuff and post worthless garbage just to get up to 50 posts, i do my best to delete these worthless posts but i can't catch them all. If anybody sees this type of behavior going on feel free to PM me the users user name and i will...
  19. blinx9900

    Blinx's Official Exhaust Manifold (Header) thread.

    After seeing a million threads on this topic and seeing that the users really wanted an official thread for this here we go! Those of you who have read my past threads know that a lot of my knowledge comes from actual working on cars for the past nine years but some of it is also my opinion and...
  20. blinx9900

    Changing CPU Heatsink and fan, HELP!!

    I just tried to upgrade my computers fan/heatsink since its been running hot (68-78 C at idle on both cores and 51-65c on the main board at idle), i could not for the life of me remove the OEM Heatsink, i saw 4 screws and a lever, i removed all but the damn thing would not come off, instead i...