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    B18C engine, S80 LSD gearbox, TWM itbs etc.

    Item for sale: B18C engine, S80 LSD gearbox, TWM itbs etc. Reputation: t3gav Price: Varies Paypal: Yes Location: Potters Bar Condition: Good Description: As below Pictures: Selling the engine and box from my Metro, price and spec as below: Engine B18C (no ancillaries) 219bhp on Emeralds...
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    Item for sale: B16/18 LSD Price: £175 Paypal: Yes buyer pays fees Location: Herts Condition: Haven't personally tested it but bought from a very good friend who was going to use it in his new build. Description: Pictures:
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    Mfactory close ratio 3/4/5

    Finally got round to fitting these, I see a few people have asked how they drive so I made a small vid, revs don't drop now :) This is basically how an ek9 would be with a 4.4 fd and these gears fitted.
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    EK9 shift linkages

    As above, anyone with a K swap/breaking a car ;)
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    S80 synchro hub

    Posted this on HT but no joy yet, any ideas? I'm just in the process of fitting new carbon synchros and mfactory gears, it was all going well till I read this in the transmission rebuild guide from DanGSR: "the syncro sleeve ring goes on a very specific way the sleeve has 3 pairs of raised...
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    Lightened flywheel

    After something but not too light, what you got? Around 4.5kg ideally, thanks.
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    Type R shift linkages

    Am I right in thinking the dual bend gear stick only fits Type R linkages or are all B series linkage rods the same?
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    EK9/DC2 OEM titanium gearknob

    As above :)
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    Short noise clip

    Turn speakers up :) Courtesy of Jesse888 :)
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    Sleeved block

    Just curious, how many of you have a sleeved block? Seems quite common in the states but finding someone here is harder than I thought. Any horror stories...? This will be 84mm NA not boost btw.
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    'Spoon' yellow cam cover

    Item for sale: Cam cover Reputation: t3gav Price: £80 Paypal:yes Location: Herts Condition: reconditioned Description: Freshly powder coated cam cover, please note this is not a genuine Spoon item! Few marks but looks great overall. Pictures:
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    Skunk2 pro 2/3 cams

    Anyone running these on a built engine (B18C) standard bore? Trying to find a dyno plot but most are 84mm+ or B20's.
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    Mfactory oil sandwich plate

    Item for sale: As above Reputation: Price: £20 posted Paypal: yes buyer pays fees Location: herts Condition: used Description: Sandwich plate with take offs when you want to use oil temp/pressure sensors etc. Pictures:
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    Finally got it running :)

    Sorry it's not an EK9, build thread here if you want to have a look
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    Couldn't see it on here but this is cool probably been posted already though.
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    B18C thermal intake gasket

    As above, what you got? : )
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    Fuel rail question

    Hello, can anyone confirm if the fuel in connection on the inlet manifold is near the dizzy or the other end? If I use an aftermarket fuel rail can you put the fuel in either end? I'm trying to package the fuel filter etc nicely in the engine bay of the Metro and would be easier if the fuel in...
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    Interesting engine
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    Valve clearance tool

    Just ordered a few of these from the USA as it wasn't worth getting just the 1, makes doing the valve clearances a piece of piss. Just seeing if there's any interest? Sorry if this doesn't meet for sale guidelines, I can do a proper advert if needed. £20 posted. Pic attached, the base of the...
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    Cambelt tension

    How much movement is generally accepted on the cambelt. I have a new cambelt and tensioner but because my head has been skimmed a little the belt obviously isn't as tight as before, I can turn the belt almost 90deg in the middle of the longest section. It's tensioned as per the manual i.e. turn...