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    EK9 N1 Steel Wheels

    Can anyone tell me what size wheels came on the N1 15' or 16's? I've seen see a few that look like 16's?
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    Crank pulley STD EK9 - N1 EK9

    Is there any difference between the EK9 crank pulley and Ek9 N1 Crank pulley?
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    EK9- EK

    Hi, I know it's been covered before but visually, Are there any visual differences between ek9 rear tail lights and ek3/4 tail lights (97 model.) If could someone post some pics. Thanks
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    Delimiter - Removal

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to remove the speed delimiter on its own?
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    Rear speakers - size

    Can anyone tell me what rear speakers will fit the rear (ek9) mine are missing. Cheers
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    Other interests ?

    Just interested to here what you people get up to when your not driving your cars lol Hobbies. My hobbies PUB socializing LOL Mountain biking Computers Love travelling to different places Some reading has to be about cars or my mind wonders lol I do a bit of rock climbing aswell not...
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    Side mouldings 'blanked'

    Does anyone no if the genuine ek9 N1 was the only ek civic to have the side mouldinds blanked out. I think it looks good :nice:
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    Different colour wheels -photoshop?

    Can anyone do a photoshop of my ek9 with different colour wheels ? I have just bought today some standard ek9 wheels at a stupid low price:shocked: Gonna keep one set white and do the other set different colour cheers
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    Gallery section

    Cannot seem to access my gallery section? anybody else have the same problem
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    Thread missing

    What happened to the ek9 or ep3 thread???
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    Happy Birthday Blinx :)

    Happy birthday blinx:D wish i was 24 again:) :shocked:
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    jdm sat nav

    Does anybody's ek9 have the jdm sat nav in on here. Some lad is selling one out of a ek9 anybody have a pic and tellme how much they worth
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    Spoon clocks rare??

    Did the spoon ek9 really rev too 11k :wow: Love these clocks are they rare ? Love to no What engine they used for them clocks :nice:
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    One of the nicests setups?

    Just browsing the net today as you do lol Found this Awsome :clap: Check the power out Link...
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    Carbon roof skin

    Not sure if i have posted in the correct place :nerv: lol Need someone to do me a photshop of a ek9 with carbon roof skin please
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    Earthing kit

    Anybody have a earthing kit on there civic ??? Are they worth fitting. Any info cheers scott
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    Pic request ek9 with yellow fogs fitted

    Has anyone got a picture of a championship white ek9 with the yellow fogs fitted must be a 97 model before the change over
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    Ek9 exhaust

    Ek9 standard exhaust from cat :) I am located in the uk
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    Recent pics of my ek9

    Hello chaps not been on much lately here is some updated pics of my ek9 and some of my black vti :shocked: and some random pics of the net:nice: [
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    Ek9 on the track

    Some nice driving by this driver :shocked: Enjoy:nice: MiA5a3UGLkw