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  1. EK4Sure

    DC2 mirror blockoff plates, J's intake, Spoon ETD, Recaro seat rail

    Item for sale: Integra DC2 mirror blockoff plates Reputation: EK4SURE Price: £65 shipped and Paypaled Paypal: yes Location: Belgium Condition: used, came off a drag racing car, bought these to use with my Vision DC mirrors but I found genuine Vision blockoff plates now Pictures: Item for...
  2. EK4Sure

    1/18 Honda Civic EG6 Rocket Bunny scale model

    Item for sale: 1/18 Ignition Model Civic EG6 Rocket Bunny Reputation: EK4SURE Price: €230 + shipping Paypal: yes Location: Belgium Condition: new in box Pictures:
  3. EK4Sure

    OEM parts, Backyard Special EK9 wing risers, DC2 wing risers, J's Racing, 1/18 Mugen RR model car...

    Item for sale: Integra DC2 antenna, discontinued in Europe Reputation: EK4SURE Price: £170 shipped and Paypaled Paypal: yes Location: Belgium Condition: new in box (box has some wear) Pictures: Item for sale: Honda Stream parking pole Reputation: EK4SURE Price: £200 shipped and Paypaled...
  4. EK4Sure

    1/43 scale model cars Ebbro/Kyosho/Ixo

    Item for sale: 1/43 scale model cars Reputation: EK4SURE Price: below Paypal: only if buyer covers fees Location: Belgium Condition: most are brand new in box Not sure if anyone would be interested, but I'm selling my 1/43 model cars after collecting these for about 4 years I think. Have two...
  5. EK4Sure

    Rays Gramlights 57 Optimise 5x114.3

    Item for sale: Rays Gramlights 57 Optimise time attack edition, 17x7.5 +43 5x114.3 Reputation: EK4SURE Price: £900 Paypal: only if buyer covers fees Location: Belgium Condition: New in original boxes, one wheel does have a small mark from shipping (see pic), new price was around £1500. Comes...
  6. EK4Sure

    DC2 Gathers radio

    If anyone has one for sale let me know. Must be in good condition, has to work like it should, all bulbs/lighting have to work as well.
  7. EK4Sure

    Changing spline steering wheel

    Hey guys, I recently bought a very good condition VGS steering wheel for my gf her car but I need to find a machine shop who can change the spline (VGS S2000 had a different steering rack/spline compared to all other S2000). Anyone here already had this done (EK to EG/DC2 for example)? I'm not...
  8. EK4Sure

    J's Racing front tow hook Civic EP3

    Prefer new in box but will take used one as well if I can't find a new one.
  9. EK4Sure

    Integra DC2 carbon wing risers

    Item for sale: rare carbon fiber wing risers for DC2 Reputation: EK4SURE Price: £200 obo Paypal: only if buyer covers fees Location: Belgium, shipping to the UK with tracking is £10 Condition: used and needs a new clearcoat Description: No idea what brand they are, carbon fiber looks exactly...
  10. EK4Sure

    Red Recaro rear seat EJ/EK

    Item for sale: Red rear seat perfect match for red EK9/DC2 Recaro seats. Reputation: EK4SURE Price: SOLD Paypal: only if buyer covers fees Location: Belgium (1 hour away from Calais), can ship cheap to the UK but will need to find a box big enough first. Condition: Very good, some color fading...
  11. EK4Sure

    Integra Spec98 16" oem wheels

    Anyone know what a set of these wheels would cost nowadays? Found a set here in Belgium in not too bad shape for £400. Are they cheaper in the UK?
  12. EK4Sure

    JDM EP3 cluster gauge

    If anyone has one for sale or knows someone breaking a JDM EP3 let me know! Must be perfect condition. I already found one but postage kills it, so want to know if I can get a cheaper one in the UK. Has to be posted to Belgium.
  13. EK4Sure

    EK9 cluster

    Anyone has one for sale? It's for a Belgian guy I know, so cluster has to be shipped to Belgium. Cheers, Kev
  14. EK4Sure

    EK9 preface ECU OBD2A?

    Anyone can confirm the prefacelift 97-98 EK9 has OBD2A? I'm pretty sure about this, but can someone confirm this? Like to be 100% sure and I don't have an EK9 to check. My mate his EK9 is facelift and has OBD2B.
  15. EK4Sure

    JDM DC2 radio block off double din

    Friend of mine is searching for one of these. If anyone has one for sale (carbon fiber pattern, not black) let me know.
  16. EK4Sure

    My South Mimms pics

    I'm bored so here's most of the pics I took, and that's quite a few.
  17. EK4Sure

    White DC2 in Poperinge

    Spotted a white UKDM DC2 on UK plates in Poperinge (Belgium). White wheels and Spoon exhaust I think :nice:
  18. EK4Sure

    Cheapest place for Spoon exhaust

    I've been looking around for a Spoon N1 exhaust/axle back and I've found one for £347 incl. delivery from Japan, but I'll probably have to pay import duties. So maybe someone here might know where to find one for a similar price in the UK or Europe in general?
  19. EK4Sure

    Integra DC2 manual folder

    Looking for one of these, has to have 'Integra' embossed above the Type-R logo and be in very good condition.
  20. EK4Sure

    Someone might want this I already have mine, and although it's not a 100% perfect replica (few details) I absolutely love it. This is the only 1/18 scale model of the...