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    New owner - UK

    Welcome. Car looks nice mods that are on arnt in your face. Hoping to pull mine out now the weather is better. What part of the country are you at?
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    Dan from Amsterdam - Honda thread :)

    You replacing the ek4?
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    New owner in the NW

    Hello and welcome. Nice Ek9 are you keeping it standard?
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    EK9 N1 Steel Wheels

    Would this be similar 15x6 ET45 5x114.3, I'm too not sure how wheel size works.
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    EK9 N1 Steel Wheels

    Thanks, Rare steel wheel by the looks of things.
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    EK9 N1 Steel Wheels

    Thanks. Regular Honda 5 stud steel wheel ?
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    EK9 N1 Steel Wheels

    Can anyone tell me what size wheels came on the N1 15' or 16's? I've seen see a few that look like 16's?
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    New EJ9 owner from Northern Ireland

    Hello and welcome , Nice clean car, My first ek civic vti was the same colour
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    Crank pulley STD EK9 - N1 EK9

    OK. Thanks
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    Crank pulley STD EK9 - N1 EK9

    Is there any difference between the EK9 crank pulley and Ek9 N1 Crank pulley?
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    1996 honda civic 1.4i 3 door front Knuckle struts

    4k? Wow sounds well over the top. Think I would hang fire and get estimates first . I've asked a few breakers on ebay and a few well known ones didn't get back to me at all even after 2-3 messages they had plenty of listings as well.
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    My 98 jdm dc2

    Another nice example, Good power for basically stock engine.
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    1996 honda civic 1.4i 3 door front Knuckle struts

    I would try ebay, Seems to be plenty of EK's getting broke up for parts. You could get lucky and find out someone is breaking a car local?
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    Delimiter - Removal

    Thanks, I didn't get a notification for this reply. I've managed to buy HKS Speed limiter defencer.
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    Ek9 NCT Emissions Failure

    Did you find the problem? Be good to know for future reference.
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    Greetings from Italy

    Hello and welcome.
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    EK9- EK

    Hi, I know it's been covered before but visually, Are there any visual differences between ek9 rear tail lights and ek3/4 tail lights (97 model.) If could someone post some pics. Thanks
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    Delimiter - Removal

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to remove the speed delimiter on its own?
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    Rear speakers - size