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    Lowered seat rail for standard EK9 seats

    I'm after a lowered seat rail for the standard EK9 Recaro seats. Drivers side Needs to be able to post or be close enough to Doncaster to pick up. Anyone selling one?
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    Front Arch Liner Routing

    Hi, tried searching and looking for photos but couldn't find anything. I've got arch liners for the front of my EK9, do they sit inside the arch or outside (closer to the tyre)? Also on the front bumper, how is it meant to attach? Previously i've self tapped through the liner into the bottom...
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    EK9 Recaro - Moving Sides

    Hi all, I want to move my drivers seat to the passenger side and vice versa. I know the seats have 2 release latches on them and that I will have to swap the seat belt buckle to the other side, however wondering if the seats are specific per side or if there are any other obstacles? My...
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    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    Post 1 So after having my Renault Clio 200 for just under 2 years and loving it, i made the stupid decision to sell it for a MK5 Golf GTI with the DSG. To say I regretted the decision was a bit of an understatement and I still wish I kept that car now. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Anyways...