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    Tegiwa B18 Header tube diameter

    Hi, The specs are identical to the TODA manifold... Thanks
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    Spoon Twinblock Calipers

    Can do a deal on some Yellow Speed if you are still looking. PM me.
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    Hondata S300, 550-750cc Injectors, p73 baffled sump

    We have all of that in stock if you are still looking
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    Timing help please!

    This would have helped :)
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    knock sensor

    We have OEM Honda in stock:
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    Teishi Racing???

    Agreed ours are pretty subtle... We can also do PWJDM which are expensive but really good. They are £135 each
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    Tegiwa civic cup.

    Make sure you try to get to some rounds this season :)
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    B16/18 VTEC valve Spring tool?

    We sell this one...
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    Lightweight flywheels

    I'd definitely stick with Fidanza if its aluminium.
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    K20a oil pump
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    Skunk 2

    We have them in stock
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    B18/B16B head studs

    We have them on the way...
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    WTB: Cusco, Razo, Project Mu Parts!

    We stock ProjectMu pads :)
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    dc2 gurney flap

    We can do PasswordJDM ones for £185 delivered. We've supplied a few recently.
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    Aftermarket steering wheel

    We have various in stock... we also keep HKB bosses on the shelf