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    EP3 steering wheel fit EJ9?

    Cheers mate.
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    Ej9 Roll Bar?

    Hi, I have 3 Ej9’s and only one has a front anti roll bar! They’re all preface too, can anyone shed some light as to why some do and some don’t? Regards, Dan.
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    EP3 steering wheel fit EJ9?

    Cheers mate, I’ll look out for one then.
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    EP3 steering wheel fit EJ9?

    Hi, I’ve been told that an ep3 steering wheel is a straight fit in to my ej9? Just wondered if anyone knew 100% if that’s true before I buy one? Cheers, Dan
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    1997 Honda Civic EK2 Conversion (Work in progress)

    looks smart that mate! Top job I’m about to start my Kanjo inspired EJ9, my Instagram is @rocketingricer if you or anyone fancies having a look
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    Genuine EK9 door cards! eBay item number 163804232231
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    You could also get the black interior plastics from an EK4. Red EK9 carpets are fairly pricey! Have you joined all the Honda Facebook selling pages?
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    Soon-to-be one colour

    Here’s my 96 EJ9, I’ve done a facelift conversion. It’s going in to be painted in the next few weeks, just repainted the wheels in Championship White and fitted new Toyos! Coilovers etc to come, if anyone is interested in following how I get on my instagram is @rocketingricer
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    Civic b16a2

    A friend of mine had to rebuild his ek9 after tracking without a baffled sump or an oil pressure and oil temperature gauge , learned the hard way .
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    Ek3 trailing arm

    But if for some reason you do need a complete new arm I do have one on my breaker, the bush will need replacing though.
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    Ek3 trailing arm

    I highly doubt you need to replace your arm, just the bush. I’m about to do mine, common problem, I’d personally polybush both sides, I use the Hardrace rear trailing arm bushes, they’re around £70! You can get them on eBay, 6two1, tegiwa etc
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    I’ve never done it or know anyone who has but I imagine it’s more hassle than it’s worth tbh, the wiring alone, I bet all the interior loom is different! You’ll have to fit a clutch pedal and everything else, it’ll be easier to just buy a manual car.
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    Idle issue

    Sounds like your idle air control valve.
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    New member (EJ9 build x2)

    I know! Thank you . To many of these things get scrapped
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    New member (EJ9 build x2)

    I repaired the front chassis leg, i managed to hammer it flat and get it looking as much like the passenger side as I could but it’s not 100%, the bit that was squashed flat was also spot welded in so I was able to remove it and replace it with the one off the donor car! I’ve now got the front...