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    Great service once again from irf, a pleasure to deal with, great communication and very speedy delivery, highly recommended to anyone needing parts Many thanks
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    K20/K24 EK9 or DC2

    I will have a jdm dc2 k swapped up for sale in the next month or so, just the last few finishing touches n then will get it mot tested ready for sale, pm me for more info Cheers
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    Dc5 rear brake caliper upgrade??

    the only real advantage is a slight weight loss as dc5 rear caliper bodies are cast ally as opposed to steel, carriers are still steel though so its a very fractional weight saving, but every little helps! can be a pain in the ass to bleed up too because the bleed nipple is on the bottom of the...
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    Which dif

    any helical diff will be good for a daily, dc5 item, M factory or quaife are the popular choices yeah its the plate clutch type diffs that will be noisey at low speed lock
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    1:37.4 Cadwell lap

    Nice peddling and good lap
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    B18c4 turbo won't start help!!!

    Coil can be replaced on its own, OE JAPAN IGNITION COIL Honda Civic Integra 92-00 EK4 EG6 EK9 B16A B16B DC2 B18C Same with the cap and rotor arm but as jesse said be careful when refitting everything and make sure it all goes back in the same position
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    B18c4 turbo won't start help!!!

    Do you have a spark? Could be a dizzy or coil problem
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    15% off Millers Nanodrive NT+ Top 3!

    fantastic timing, was just about to order some anyway, thanks for the discount
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    Where would i get a thicker head gasket for my b18c?

    cometic in the US sell various thicknesses of head gasket, from .030 to .120' (I think off the top of my head) as for which you need is hard to say without more info
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    Swap shifter

    yeah still wouldnt work, you would need to use the accord gearbox for the shifter to work cant comment on the crv shifter/box tho as ive got no experience of them
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    Swap shifter

    pretty sure the accord shifter dosnt work with the ep3 gearbox, it operates the cables in the opposite direction
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    EK front fiberglass wings?

    Fiberworks maybe? Or China Pop 2pcs Front Fender +20mm For Honda EK Civic 99-00 Hatch Back Js Styling FRP
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    1992 eg5 civic 3door parts

    Ahhh now that's gonna push the price up a bit me thinks, shipping a bonnet to New Zealand is not going to be cheap haha
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    1992 eg5 civic 3door parts

    I'm in Lincoln mate, I'd take £40 for it Let me know if you want it
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    1992 eg5 civic 3door parts

    yeah it sure is