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    K Swap Ek parts list Help

    Ive been told ep3 shafts wont work in an ek :/
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    K Swap Ek parts list Help

    What shafts can ya use in EKwith dc2 subframe and 36mm hubs? Ive got insane shafts for mine, but want to have spare set
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    EE9/EF9 parts

    Anyone got anything for sale Front Bumper OEM front yellow fogs OEM wind deflectors Looking for any bits for EE9/EF9 B16a Dohc Vtec
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    Wanted front and rear ek9 bumpers with lips

    Have a rear bumper and lip here mate, check pm
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    SSR Type C Gold Color Code

    Looking at painting my type c's gold but looking for a close match to the ssr gold, does anyone know a code that is near identical wheels are white at the moment
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    EF9 Parts (SiR Front bumper, wind deflectors, 2.5" manifold, traction bars)

    as above, anyone know of anything Mainly after a bumper
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    Looking for a front bumper for my EF9 SiR2 if anyone has or may know of anything
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    K-swap manifolds

    I want a manifold dude, not a system
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    K-swap manifolds

    Whats the best kswap manifold on the market at the moment for a race car.. and has anyone got one for sale
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    FS: K20/K24 bolt in sump baffle kit (new)

    @Mozeee have you still got these
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    B18c EK2 Irish Touring Car

    Well so far so good with the car in the ITCC. Have won all my races except 1 when i lost my brakes and had to retire.. After a tough decision, i decided to call it a day with the B18 after the last race meeting in 4 weeks time, and have picked up an EP3 to use as a donor. Im Kswapping the EK...
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    Loads of EK9 Parts for Sale

    Pro Race 1.2's still there?
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    Ek4 Brake Upgrade

    Straight swap man, just bolt on.. you may need to change your 2 brake lines from master to prop valve but other then that its simple stuff
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    Ek4 Brake Upgrade

    Im using the following: ATR Front Calipers EK9/98 dc2/prelude carriers (they 25mm, ek4 are 23mm) 282mm mg zs discs cl rc6 front pads ek9 master and servo braking is savage in the car.. would highly recommend ATR calipers (twin pistin) over ek9 single piston calipers
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    K20 weekend warrior EK hatch

    pmd you