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  1. jammer mk2
    jammer mk2 blackskylinegtr
    Hey man, you still got T980 JUX? I was the first UK owner, just curious! Regards, James.
  2. Bristol AC
    Bristol AC xxxencorexxx
    Hi, would you have any good condition ek rear lower control arms by any chance?
  3. bayan
    make ek9 faster
  4. Ramvtec
    Ramvtec xxxencorexxx
    Carbon Kevlar B Series Spark Plug Cover can you send me some pics please? What make is it?

    Cheers JP
  5. Nathan Brooks
    Nathan Brooks #teamhonda#moreweed
  6. wafer101
    Civic Jordan #386
  7. Wilz
    Wilz xxxencorexxx
    Hello would the DC2 steering wheel boss fit an EK4 ? if so please could you let me know a price? also interested in the EK9 front lights if that is still available, please let me know how much

    also would you have any more p28 ECU socketed / chipped ready for mapping up for sale?

    many thanks
  8. #teamhonda#moreweed
    H22a build in a ej9. What driveshafts should I use.
  9. Puggie
    Puggie R1PPU
    Don't work with that miserable brummie git Nathan Symonds do you :-) one of our formula student guys from about 3 years ago.
    1. R1PPU
      Ahaha yes he was there too! Small world!
      Jul 18, 2018
  10. Atlama_Yatagi
  11. Puggie
    Puggie R1PPU
    Hey, you at formula student this weekend? Saw your civic in the car park! I'm the auto technician for Surrey Uni (Bill if you want my grown up name) down in pit 10c if you want to pop down and say hi!
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    2. R1PPU
      Aha sorry for the late reply! Yeah I was at the JLR stand (I work there). Sorry I missed you!!
      Jul 17, 2018
  12. 37sonni
    37sonni Kipper
    Hey kipper
    I was wondering was your ek3 still available?
    1. Kipper
      Sold a while back mate.
      Jul 11, 2018
  13. Nathan Brooks
    Nathan Brooks
    Build In Progress
  14. B16Swt
  15. jordman26
    jordman26 eternal blue 2000
    Hi there, just wondering if you can source bwr rear lca bush for my ek? as the one i have has moved out of its place and not sure how that has happend?

    Many Thanks
  16. flwwha
  17. Yamz
    Good day to all members! Just joined! From Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Looking for advice to swap from D13b to B16A or B18C.
  18. Iliffe
    Iliffe irf
    Easy fella, have you got any b18 engine swaps?? Looking for one in the next couole of weeks
  19. Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez tico_ek9
    Hey bro im trying to do convert my 97 civic ex into a 00 si but im have a bit of a hard time with the wiring harness i saw ur post on here but it wont allow me to see the pics is there a way i can get u to email me the pics I really appreciate all your help
    You can email me at thanks
  20. Iliffe
    Iliffe B18C'R EK
    Easy mate, looking for a b series full engine conversion for an ej9. You got anything?