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  1. 7Readie7
    7Readie7 type-r-dunk
    Afternoon Dunx, do you ever think you'll start importing EK9's again? Hardly any good one's about these days and all the best one's are being held on too!
  2. chrismc_DC2
    AD08s, RTA bushes & geo! Car feels fantastic :-)
  3. chrismc_DC2
    AD08's in the AM :-)
  4. Royalray
  5. ek project
    ek project Gav-EK9
    Hi gav hope you are well. I can't seem to get hold of the Admin, do you know how to get in touch with him. I messaged him about 2 weeks ago and he hasn't replied. Iv got a car off someone on this forum and the car is not what it is stated as
  6. Eggy790
    Eggy790 clockwoRk
    hi mate seen your post on ek4 brake upgrade, are they a specific year accord type r caliper that would fit? my friend has some accord type r claipers, what discs would go straight on them and pads do you recommend for a boosted civic? 300bhp. or would it be easier to just get a mg zr160 complete brake setup? cheers
  7. Sparrowhawk
    Racing an EK9, so thought I should join the forum
  8. Mike408
    Mike408 civikk
    Wanted to see if you still had the ek9 steering wheel for sale?
  9. Leddyek9
    Leddyek9 JohnOBrien8
    Hi mate,
    Do you still have your black ek9 and are you interested in selling?
  10. King Sir
    King Sir DOHCtheSOHC
    Post an intro
    Hi pal thanks ever so much for the comment I appreciate it :-) do you have any photos of yours to but me out of my misery. Its put me off the car a bit thinking its not genuine or original :-(

    Thanks again mate
  12. olly
    olly eternal blue 2000
    Hi, do you stock the bwr solid shifter bushings for b series? Thanks
    1. eternal blue 2000
      eternal blue 2000
      Sorry only seeing this now.
      Yea let me check but should be in stock.
      Apr 10, 2017
    2. eternal blue 2000
      eternal blue 2000
      Yes can supply solid bushing kit for each end of linkage.
      Apr 10, 2017
  13. Austin Hua
    Austin Hua
    I got an EK9 w/ B18B and GSR Transmission for sale. San Jose 95035
  14. ducdan
  15. urko
    urko gavgen10
  16. I WANT A 9!!!
    I WANT A 9!!! MFactory
    Hello I'm looking for a full set of syncros for a ek9, just wondering if you do them.and a rough idea on price listed to the UK please.

    Thanks Sam
  17. Megat_Rae
  18. Todd
    Looking to buy CTR ek9 rear interior panels black in color. 53215 usa
    1. Todd
      Still looking help is much appreciated.
      Mar 8, 2017
  19. ej9193
    if in doubt..... flat out :)
  20. tom_dot_com
    tom_dot_com David bennett
    I saw your reply on a DC2 wanted post... "I have 112 k one owner uk car. White recaros fsh full mot".
    If the car is rust free then I'm interested. Could you send me more information if it is?